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This is the best San Francisco real estate blog to visit when looking for San Francisco specific information that is frank, compelling, and timely.  You will find details about houses that are not on the market, and answers to questions many buyers and sellers just like yourself are asking like “What is a probate“, “What is a Preliminary title Report” and “how realtors price houses”.  You can also check out the blog series “Ten Things to Know“.  I am constantly seeing and hearing interesting things that will find its way onto this San Francisco Real Estate Blog.  Check in regularly and always feel free to get a hold of me.  I always try to respond to questions within 1 hour!

My Promise

My name is Oliver Burgelman and I am a California Real Estate Broker working for Zephyr Real Estate in San Francisco.  I have been helping clients buy and sell real estate in San Francisco for over 10 years.  In a typical year I will help clients buy and sell 20 to 35 properties; I have my finger on the pulse of the market!  I started my San Francisco real estate blog 4 years ago when I noticed my clients wanted to have a place to find information specific to the San Francisco real estate market that they could read and digest at their own pace.  If you are reading this real estate blog, I am sure you already know it is very difficult to get true and specific information about the local market.  Of course, I am a broker working in the industry with a vested interest in my business, but the intent of my blog is to give an insiders perspective to what I am seeing in the market.  Answers to real estate questions can sometimes seem less than black and white, and I think it is because there can be several conflicting solutions to and reasons for problems that present themselves.

The promise I make clients is I will always tell them the truth to the best of my knowledge regardless of whether it is in my immediate business interest or not.

My view is always long term with an eye on nurturing my relationships far into the future; I want clients to continue looking to me for the best local real estate information and I want them to feel confident when they refer their friends and family.

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Most Recent Articles about San Francisco Real Estate Market

Dolores Park Under Construction


Dolores Park Under Construction

Did you know that after the 1906 earthquake small houses were built in Dolores Park for people displaced by the disaster to live in?  After the damage was cleaned up many of these small homes, which are sometimes called earthquake shacks, were given away to anyone who had land to put them on.  I lived in a 3 unit building on 16th Street and Market in 1996.  The history was that the owner of the lot at the time dragged one of these earthquake shacks from Dolores Park and placed on the front of the lot on 16th Street.  Then a few years later moved the shack to the back of the lot and built the three unit building along the street.  I think you will find many properties with a similar story in the area around Dolores Park.

Dolores Park is again going through a transition which can be easily see in the picture I took today from the small bridge at 19th and Church Street.  Initially the plan was to shut the entire park down for two years but as you can imagine many people were not happy about that.  In the end the plan was to renovate the park in stages.  Currently the half of the park from 18th to 19th street and Church to Dolores Street is fenced off and work is under way.

Take a look here for a much more in depth look at what is happening in Dolores Park:  Mission Dolores Park Renovation Project 2013-2014

Noe Valley: No Housing Inventory

If you are a buyer looking for a home in Noe Valley you are very aware of how little inventory is currently available. You may even know that this has been an issue for more than two years! Right now there are just 4 homes for sale, none of which have been on the market for more than 14 days. This is important because amongst the active inventory there is usually at least a few homes that for whatever reason have not sold quickly. As an example, in Bernal Heights there are currently 15 active listings, and of those 6 have been on the market for over 20 days.  Demand for houses in Noe Valley is so strong and inventory is so low that the average days on market is negligible.

Here are some tips for buyers looking to compete in San Francisco’s competitive real estate market:  3 Tips To Being The Best Home Buyer You Can Be!

Take a look at these Noe Valley houses currently available:

530 Day Street is a totally rebuilt single family home for sale in Noe Valley listed for $2,950,000.  Mike and I sold this property in 2011 when it was practically a tear down.  Here are the before and after pictures.


530 Day Street Exterior Before

And after

530 Day Street Noe Valley

Nicely done!

Google Coming To The Mission San Francisco

Google Coming To The Mission

UPDATE:  Apparently Google may not be moving to the space on Alabama and 16th Street.  A friend just sent me this link:  Socketsite.comI’ll update when I get more information.

Apparently Google is planning to lease 35,000 square feet of office space for about 200 employees at the corner of Alabama and 16th Street, right across the street from Dear Mom the site of all the uproar about imported bagels.

Check out the article in the LA Times for more info:  Google Plans Move Into San Francisco’s Mission District

Real Estate Tip: Read Preliminary title Report

Read the Preliminary Title Report

When buying or selling a home one of the first things worth reading is the preliminary title report.

For Home Sellers:

As a seller reading the preliminary title report before listing the property will allow you to fix title issues that will affect the buyer’s ability to close escrow.  For instance, there may be a recorded note to a family member that was paid off but never reconveyed; it is much easier to deal with something like this before you are in the race against time that the escrow period starts.

For Home Buyers:

For buyers it is important to read the preliminary title report because this is where you can find, as an example, those pesky easements giving your neighbor the right to use portions of your property.  the more informed you are about the property you are purchasing the better the deal will be.

For more information about how to read a preliminary title report click here:  How To Read A Preliminary Title Report

Oliver Burgelman Interviewed on CNN

Oliver Burgelman CNN

Last week I was interviewed by Dan Simon at CNN.  I’m only on for a second, but here it is in any case.  The piece is about the concern over gentrification, tech buses, and the housing shortage:  Oliver Burgelman on CNN



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