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Welcome to Oliver’s San Francisco Real Estate Blog!

This is the best San Francisco real estate blog to visit when looking for San Francisco specific information that is frank, compelling, and timely.  You will find details about houses that are not yet even on the market and answers to questions many buyers and sellers just like yourself are asking: “What is a Probate?”, “What is a Preliminary Title Report?” and “How Do Realtors Price Houses?”.  You can also check out the blog series “Ten Things to Know”.  Everyday I see and hear interesting real estate information that will find its way onto this San Francisco Real Estate Blog.  Check in regularly and always feel free to get a hold of me.  I always try to respond to questions within 1 hour!

My Promise

My name is Oliver Burgelman, and I am a California Real Estate Broker working for Zephyr Real Estate in San Francisco.  I have been helping clients buy and sell real estate in San Francisco for over 10 years.  In a typical year I will help clients buy and sell 25 to 35 properties; I have my finger on the pulse of the market!  I have an intimate knowledge of the best strategies to compete in San Francisco’s hyper-competitive real estate market.

I started my San Francisco real estate blog 4 years ago when it became clear clients wanted a place to find information specific to the local real estate market that they could read and digest at their own pace.  If you are reading this real estate blog, you already know it is very difficult to get true and specific information.  Of course, I am a broker working in the industry with a vested interest in my business, but the intent of my blog is to simply offer readers an insider’s perspective on what I see in the market on a day to day basis.  Answers to real estate questions can sometimes seem to have answers that are less than black and white, and I think it is because there are often several reasons for and conflicting possible solutions to problems that present themselves.  Let’s shed some light on the San Francisco real estate market!

My promise to clients is to always tell them the truth to the best of my knowledge regardless of whether it is in my immediate business interest or not.

My strategy is always long term, with an eye on nurturing my relationships far into the future.  I want clients to look to me for the best local real estate information, and I want them to feel confident when they refer their friends and family.

Building Trust for Life

Click on the link below to see some of the listings posted by myself and my business partner Mike Ackerman on our primary listings / search website www.BuildingTrust4Life.com

Homes in San Francisco Luxury homes in San Francisco Condos and lofts in San Francisco Homes in Noe Valley

Have You Heard about Price Squares?

When you want to get a quick sense of how a neighborhood or sub district is trending, price per square foot can be just the thing to bring the San Francisco real estate market into focus.  Take a look at my website Price Squares and choose any area in San Francisco by double-clicking on the map!