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San Francisco Housing Market Soft Landing

Every year in August and December I hear the same question; are San Francisco real estate prices going down?  I’m not sure how it is in other markets but here in San Francisco the end of Summer and the end of Fall have consistently brings a slow down in the housing market, and this year doesn’t seem any different. Historically, this time of year has been a good for buyers as sellers grapple with the uncertainty that any slowing creates […]

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Movie Fundraiser at Balboa Theatre

UPDATE:  Thank you!  We had a full house to our Special Movie Showing at Balboa Theatre!  We really appreciate everyone who came and were part of the fun.  Also a big thank you to those who may not have been able to come but donated in any case.  Happy Holidays! Join us for a private movie showing on December 1st at the beloved Balboa Theatre, a fundraiser for our kids’ school. Come and join us and kick off the Holiday […]

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Buying a Vacation Home

This article guest written by Jim Mckinley.  Check out Jim’s website here: Buying a Vacation Home? Read This First   Many Americans dream of buying a vacation home. According to the 2017 report of the National Association of Realtors, 6 percent of older home buyers (aged 62 to 91) own one or more vacation homes. The reasons for owning a vacation home are as varied as the buyers. For example, some retirees plan to spend time with family at […]

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Outer Avenue Backyards

The westside of San Francisco was rolling sand dunes for as far as the eyes could see not much more than 100 years ago.  Since then houses have been built in every corner from the Richmond District through the Sunset.  These houses typically have pretty sizable and very usable backyards.  In fact many of the lots in the Outer Avenues are 100 or even 120 feet deep. There are plenty of foggy days making an afternoon spent in the backyard […]

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Outer Avenue Flowers

Dahlias at Cabrillo Playground   These beautiful flowers are brightening up the day on the 39th Avenue side of Cabrillo Playground during these foggy months of July and August.  They are really exceptionally beautiful. Flowers Seen Around the Outer Avenues Have you ever noticed how similar the plant and flower choices are in so many backyards in the Outer Avenues?  I think it is because not all flowers do so well out here.  That got me to thinking about what […]

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Outer Avenues SF

The Outer Avenues   There is so much to love about the Outer Richmond, Outer Sunset, Ocean Beach, and the environs.  We live in San Francisco but it feels so distinctly different from the rest of the city.  I meet many people living outside the area who think of the Outer Avenues as a foggy wasteland.  But spend a bit of time out here and you quickly realize what a tremendously beautiful and wonderful place it is.   Sutro Heights […]

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