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Dolores Park Under Construction

Mission Dolores Park Rehabilitation Project

Mission Dolores Park Rehabilitation Project

Did you know that after the 1906 earthquake small houses were built in Dolores Park for people displaced by the disaster to live in? After the damage was cleaned up many of these small homes, which are sometimes called earthquake shacks, were given away to anyone who had land to put them on. I lived in a 3 unit building on 16th Street and Market in 1996. The history was that the owner of the lot at the time dragged one of these earthquake shacks from Dolores Park and placed on the front of the lot on 16th Street. Then a few years later moved the shack to the back of the lot and built the three unit building along the street. I think you will find many properties with a similar story in the area around Dolores Park.

Dolores Park is again going through a transition which can be easily see in the picture I took today from the small bridge at 19th and Church Street. Initially the plan was to shut the entire park down for two years but as you can imagine many people were not happy about that. In the end the plan was to renovate the park in stages. Currently the half of the park from 18th to 19th street and Church to Dolores Street is fenced off and work is under way.

Take a look here for a much more in depth look at what is happening in Dolores Park: Mission Dolores Park Renovation Project 2013-2014 (PDF)

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