Selling a Home? You Want To Know This!

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Appraisal Tips for Sellers and Buyers

Ok, so a home with a kitchen like the one pictured probably isn’t going to appraise, and the buyers loan is going to be denied. Most people will find this rather reasonable. But, as many people have been finding out lately, it can be very difficult to get through the financing part of purchasing or selling a home. Lenders and really the investors that typically purchase the loans from the lenders, have become very finicky. They want to give out loans on […]

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Checklist for Condominium Listings

Checklist Before Listing a Condominium Our friends at Guarantee Mortgage put this nice list together of issues that need to be resolved before putting a condominium on the market. I’ve seen many of these things send a deal into a tail spin, it’s better to deal with them early on. Make sure the CC&R’s include an arbitration clause. Make sure less than 15% of the units in the HOA are delinquent on HOA dues. Make sure the HOA has decent […]

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Days On Market vs. Initial Home Price

Days on Market (DOM) is important! It seems pretty obvious that if a home for sale must take a price reduction in order to find a willing and able buyer the property will spend many more days on market before selling compared to a house priced correctly from the start. What I find eye opening is how much of a difference in time it actually makes. Properties priced correctly from the start sold in about 40 days on average while […]

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How Do Real Estate Agents Price Houses?

How do real estate agents price houses? Even after working in the real-estate industry for many years, I have to admit it’s strange how real estate agents gravitate towards certain pricing structures: $649,000, $499,000, etc. Why don’t we see prices like $654,943 or $1,493,597? Doesn’t every dollar count? This got me to notice how often properties priced under $1,000,000 have a 9 as their final nonzero number, like $699,000 and $729,000, while properties priced over a million often have a […]

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How Long Does a Property Take to Sell in San Francisco?

The first question should be what type of property are we talking about. This chart shows the average days on market for TIC (Tenancy in Common), Condominiums (this is actually condos, co-ops, and lofts), and Single Family Homes from April 2011 through March 2012. We would expect TIC’s to have the longest Days on Market (DOM) because on any given day there are less buyers for this type of property than for the other property types and there is more […]

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How To Sell a San Francisco Fixer

Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair! This house in the Sunset District of San Francisco isn’t even in that bad a shape considering what is possible…It is listed for $699,000, so you can be sure there will be a ton of interest.  This will be a cash deal as it will not be possible to get a loan on this home because of the rough condition.   Want to know more about selling a San Francisco Fixer Upper?  Keep reading […]



When asked about remodeling the first thought that comes to mind is if it is for resale or for personal enjoyment. It would be nice if these two things were the same, but often times they’re not. If you are planning on living in the home for the next 30 years that’s one thing, but if the time line is shorter it would be a mistake to make renovations that are counter to the will of the market. I’ve seen […]

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San Francisco Expedited Conversion Program

Yesterday the San Francisco supervisors voted to approve what was called The condominium conversion lottery reform and bypass legislation, and is now being called the San Francisco Expedited Conversion Program by a vote of 8-3 making a veto by the Mayor Ed Lee impossible. To see a break down of what the new law would mean click here:  Sirkin & Associates Expedited Conversion Program Breakdown The implications are complicated to understand especially when trying to understand where, as a TIC owner, […]


What to Think About When Buying or Selling Real Estate!

Personally I think these 4 factors are important to consider when buying or selling real estate, but having a good idea of what is happening in your local market is what really counts, particularly when it comes to San Francisco real estate. Still keeping an eye on what the government is doing is not a bad idea… for instance, the future of the Mortgage Interest Deduction has been kicked around lately, but it looks like it’s off the table for now. Click […]