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2013 San Francisco Condo Lottery Tomorrow!


Tomorrow is the day when a few thousand San Francisco residents hope and pray to win the 2013 San Francisco condo lottery, and as a participant myself I wish each and every one involved a heart felt good luck; I hope the dream comes true for you this year.

I remember having a conversation with a family member last year when I mentioned wanting to win the 2012 condo lottery.  She thought I meant the California Lottery, the lottery where you win millions of dollars, which made her laugh because we were in the midst of a serious discussion, and she got the idea that winning the California Lottery was really part of my life plan.  Winning the San Francisco condo lottery may not be as difficult as winning the “real” lottery, but it sure has come to seem like a very remote possibility over the past 5 years.  Fingers and toes crossed!

Here is a link to a post I wrote a few weeks ago with all the 2013 San Francisco condo lottery details.

Also, check out Plan C.  This is a great community of volunteers working to promote home ownership in San Francisco.  Plan C has been instrumental in pushing forward the idea of a condo lottery bypass, which would allow a one time bypass of the lottery for all TIC (Tenancy in Common) units currently registered for the 2013 San Francisco Condo Lottery.

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