Verizon vs AT&T in San Francisco!

To begin with I am sorry for the rant, but the other day a client told me to please not call him from my AT&T iPhone because of dropped calls; a friend of mine calls this getting “AT&T’d”.  Not surprisingly it was the end of the end of my  3 year relationship with AT&T. Yes, I had to buy a new iPhone 4 through Verizon for $200, but I was able to sell my AT&T iPhone 4 for $300 on […]

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Another Twist in Sale of California State Buildings

As you know California is hard up for money, so our previous governor designed a deal to sell off a bunch of state buildings, including the San Francisco Civic Center, and then rent them back to get a big inflow of cash to plug up budget holes.  Governor Schwarzenegger tried and failed to close the deal before he left office leaving Governor Brown the opportunity to kill the deal.  I’m guessing there will come a time in the future when […]

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America’s Cup Coming to San Francisco in 2013!

The competition is over and the America’s Cup will be held in our beautiful city.  It’s estimated that the cup could be worth $1.4 billion to SF.  It reminds me of something I heard on the BBC a few weeks ago…that South Africa made $500 Million from hosting the World Cup, and it only took a few Billion to do it.  Making money from these events can be tough, but I believe that the America’s Cup will be great for […]

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