Foreclosure Rate Dropping!

San Francisco wasn’t hit like the rest of the country and this article is dealing with foreclosure rates nationwide.  Still as more people are convinced that the bottom has been hit prices will begin to go up.  Maybe lenders will lighten up too…I’m not asking for easy money like pre 2007, but I’ve had several unsalable properties because of, from my perspective, insignificant issues like an owner owning more than one unit in a building.  Anyway, crappy overpriced listings are […]

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I Wish It Were An AT&T Cell Tower

So T-Mobile is thinking about putting a cell tower at 16th and Dolores on top of the Lutheran church.  Apparently people are worried about radiation…I’d say the die’s been cast on cell phones, although when I think how many thousands of hours my phone has been in my pocket…I do worry a little about the children.  I read the story on SFAppeal.  Please AT&T work harder…you’re letting T-mobile get all the best spots!

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