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Changes Taking Shape at Pier 70


I wrote a post about changes coming to Pier 70 back in February, and was reminded about it by reading Socketsite today, which led me to an article from November 3rd on SFGate:  Plan to Bring Pier 70 Back to Life.

This is a huge piece of land with around 65 acres that has been derelict for decades.  I row with BAWRA in the Dog Patch area and often find myself at the Mariposa Yacht Club for events looking out over pier 70.   Take a walk down to Pier 70 and look at the old buildings; perhaps start with lunch at The Ramp.  It is curious to see a part of San Francisco as seemingly forgotten as this part of Dog Patch.  Major changes to pier 70 could really transform the whole area south of Giant’s Stadium.  With the light rail running down 3rd Street, residential buildings being built, and great restaurants opening up the area is set for a serious awakening.

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