The Outer Richmond: Great Place To Live!

Loving the outer richmond

My family and I moved to the Outer Richmond last year after having lived in the Mission District for ten years and the Castro for eight years before that.  When I moved to San Francisco in 1996 I remember thinking I would never, ever move to the outer avenues.  I thought of it as a foggy wasteland beyond the hills of Twin Peaks.  Well, I was 23 then and things change!  The Outer Richmond is truly a glorious neighborhood with enormous beauty in every direction.

I took the photo above from the trail along Land’s End.  Ocean beach is spectacular, even on foggy, wind swept days, which, once the drought is over, will probably be more common than in the last few years.  There are plenty of great restaurants along Balboa Street, and it is easy to walk across Golden Gate Park to get to the restaurants popping up in the Outer Sunset.

Having thought what I did when I first moved to San Francisco, I am happily surprised by how much we love living in the Outer Richmond.  I am curious to see Bay to Breakers as a resident.

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