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San Francisco Condominium Lottery Support Group Needed :(


Congratulations to the winners of this year’s condo conversion lottery!

Unfortunately, my building, and many many others, did not get chosen again, but I am already starting to build my hopes up for next year.  I went to the Plan C condo lottery rally, hosted by Mike Sullivan, this morning at 8:15 on the steps of city hall and heard Scott Wiener from District 8 and Mark Farrell from District 2 speak; thanks for joining us Mark and Scott!

Plan C is trying to get the political will behind getting a lottery bypass approved by the city; it’s somethingPlan C has been working on for 10 years!

Show your support and become a member of Plan C; they are fighting for home ownership in San Francisco.

Anyway, a drink should wash this bad feeling away and let us prepare for the year ahead.

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