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San Francisco Homes Sold 2014

Mike and I had a great year selling real estate in San Francisco in 2014.  The year isn’t quite over and we have two properties in escrow and a condo hitting the market next week; we have been staying very busy!

310 Duncan Upper Staircase8790_TPPSF4150-17th-Street-29-Ackerman-Burgelman-Entrance-Optimized1266 41st Ave - Ackerman Burgelman Zephyr Backyard W

115WOOL_KITCHEN1 2013-12-20 12.55.58 80 Ora Way #307g living1177 California 1511 - Swimming Pool 2 - Ackerman Burgelman Zephyr (62)

18 Adair - Ackerman Burgelman Zephyr (34) 0418_TPPSF  655 Corbett 407 - Ackerman Burgelman Zephyr (40)770 48th Ave Exterior

675X450 (11) 3133 24th Street Exterior 51581155-Filbert-Exterior Ackerman:Burgelman

1859 San Jose Exterior 426 8th Ave Ackerman-Burgelman Exterior2480 15th Street Line Drawing1160 Mission 1507 Exterior


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