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San Francisco Micro Apartments?


You may have heard there is a shortage of homes available in San Francisco.  Rents are spiking, and home sales are starting to lift off as well.  San Francisco supervisors are continually trying to find solutions to the problem.  Supervisor Scott Wiener drafted legislation to allow for “San Francisco micro apartments”, with less than 300 square feet and renting for $1200-$1500 a month.  Take a look at the article in the Daily News:  San Francisco considering tiny micro apartments to combat sky-high rent.

It seems like a great idea, but the fear is these types of apartments will increase density without providing housing opportunities to families,  a long standing issue for the city.  Also the higher density will inevitably strain city infrastructure.  These are tough questions; finding the right solutions for San Francisco housing issues won’t ever be easy.

Do San Francisco micro apartments have a place in the city?  Write a comment and weigh in on the issue!

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