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San Francisco’s Got Big Plans For Pier 70!


There is a huge stretch of the San Francisco water front from Mission Bay to Hunter’s Point…

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which the City of San Francisco is looking to modernize.  Drive down 18th Street as far as you can go to the San Francisco Bay, then head South, and walk.  If you have never been down to this part of San Francisco you will amazed by what you see.  The wreckage of old warehouses and buildings are from another era when San Francisco was the port of call for ships coming to the area from all over the world before the Port of Oakland became the modernized port it is today, taking over the shipping industry in the Bay Area.


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The Huffington Post published a story today “San Francisco’s Dog Patch Pier Braces For Renewal”.  It’s an interesting subject because of how big a section of San Francisco this area makes up, and the history that was made there.

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