Selling A Home In San Francisco

Thanks for visiting Mike & Oliver’s “Selling a Home in San Francisco” page on our real estate blog. This is a great place to start if you’re looking for a selling agent or thinking about selling your home in San Francisco. We hope you’ll find our 5 tips for selling your home helpful. At Zephyr Real Estate, we’re known for our good real estate practice, impeccable ethics, excellent negotiation skills and consistently delivering a smooth home selling experience. If we’re the kind of real estate agents you are looking to represent you in your next transaction, then please call Mike & Oliver, you won’t be disappointed.

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1. Reach Out To A Professional!

The San Francisco real estate market is extremely competitive and every choice you make from the moment you decide to sell will be relevant to the final selling price of your home. Reach out to a real estate professional and get the information you need.


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how does your home compare

2. How Does Your Home Compare?

Let us show you what truly comparable properties have sold for and explain how these homes were similar and how they were different from yours. Depending on the specific details of your home we will tailor a marketing plan that fits.


Find out what your home is worth and why.

3. Work With A Realtor

Think of your Realtor as the coach and homes as the players. We see how homes are presented and sold every day and see the subtle shifts in the market in real time. Realtors can’t see the future but they are the first people to see what is happening right now; we can help you stay ahead of the curve.


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4. What Is Your Home’s True Condition?

Assessing the true condition of your home is paramount. What we disclose before receiving offers we can incorporate in the listing price. What is negotiated during escrow opens the transaction to a reevaluation of the purchase price which translates into less money for you. We have a Rolodex (electronic I assure you) with the best and most trusted local professionals. We pride ourselves on presenting your home in the best light, maximizing it’s value.


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5. Assessing The Buyer’s Ability To Close

We have sold hundreds of homes which has given us a deep insight into how to keep deals on track. We only want to represent you, so we won’t work with buyers in the sale of your property. Yet, we strive to know everything we can about anyone who presents an offer in the sale of your home. We look to assess the buyer’s ability to close the deal. We will contact the buyer’s mortgage person and pull together as much information as possible to help you choose the best offer and the one most likely to close.

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